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This appears to be healthy abreactive phenomena happening hours or days after actual neurofeedback training....

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There is some gold to be mined during the Holidays in discovering your keys to success in life. For most of us, the normal routine is gone....

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Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Training and Seminars are designed to teach clinicians biofeedback fundamentals and cutting-edge applications. https://biofeedbackinte...

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Python is a general-purpose programming language that is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world....

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Experts say wonder is an essential human emotion and a salve for a turbulent mind....

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A surge of brainwaves in two people who lay dying after their life support was turned off may help to explain the phenomenon of near-death experiences....

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Read the blog to learn the 10 Top Self-Defense Techniques for Ladies, Karate Techniques, Self-Defense Moves, Martial Arts & Self-Defense Training at Home. ...

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Stress tends to trigger the fight, flight, or flee response which is supposed to be an emergency state which lasts for only a short time. ...



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