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PRODUCT FEATURES Capacity (Outdoor Unit): 36.1 BTU/Hr Capacity (Indoor Unit): 9000 BTU + 9000 BTU +24000 BTU Energy Consumption...

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Aircon is a must in Singapore to avoid the heat. Every Singaporean prefers air conditioners in their places like home, office, etc., ...

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Singapore has many aircon installation contractors because air conditioners are a vital part of life for Singapore region people....

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There are many brands of aircon in Singapore for aircon installation in homes, offices, etc.,  but which one is the best? ...

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When deciding on the type of aircon to purchase for your HDB/BTO, consider what you are looking for in a unit....

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These days a lot of aircon brands are selling in Singapore for the areas residential and commercial. ...

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An Aircon is more required these days but a number of people buy an aircon without prior ideas (ethics) or not a specialist in an aircon field to buying an airc...

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Mitsubishi Electric is the best Aircon brand in Singapore. AIRCON INSTALLATION We have the best Air conditioner technician for Mitsubishi Aircon installation. ...

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