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The two most important concepts for a civil, peaceful society to function are to have a clear definition of “what is okay” and “what is not okay....

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It is important to understand that each team member has preferred ways of thinking. As a leader, you may be able to discern what is the best hat for someone to ...

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The sad part for me is that the government was trying to do good and yet they got in the business of picking winners and losers....

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There are people I talk to who wish they could be back at work with their fellow employees....

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Wings to Fly is the best self improvement books of all time written by Steve Scott, Personal Development coach who provides...

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We grieve because we have lost our sense of normal. We may have lost loved ones, our jobs, or our homes. ...

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We have dirt and stains that need to be cleaned up. ...

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Self-improvement is your own personal elevator. As you rise to the top you will have to let some people off. When you focus on self-improvement you are always i...

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