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We are entrepreneur’s, certified business life coaches and mentors teaching the techniques and strategies learned over years of career experience....

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As I was taking an online course to get my Certification to be an accredited Business Life Coach, not so much to be a life coach....

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I’ve been a hair stylist for 43 years and never would I have believed the entire Cosmetology industry could be forced to close its doors for business....

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Now, I’m saying the Path to Success that I followed had many bumps and turns peaks and valleys. ...

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Mentoring or Coaching is present in every Course on the Buddy Sharp Hair Academy Platform....

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I’ve always taken pride in letting future clients easily learn about me as a Stylist, Salon owner or any other business adventure I may get involved in. ...

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First congratulations on continuing to upgrade your technical skills set. ...

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Clients reaching your chair is the question most all professionals ask themselves over and over....

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