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The brain develops the internal connections by fitting with the external world. Learning then can be defined as the struggle to make sense of human interactions...

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Many people have been working hard for a long time to make biofeedback more accepted by the medical system. ...

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Mental health disorders including anxiety, PTSD, and depression seem to have become more widespread over the past several years....

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We have recently become an affiliate of the GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BREATHING SCIENCES. I am writing to you about their webinar-based Master of Science degree in App...

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Welcome to MINDFITNESS®, BioFeedBack Resources International and Health Training Seminars’ newsletter, a free e-mail service....

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It incorporates 24 channels of EEG Biofeedback using technology based upon the continued evolution of the BrainMaster series of biofeedback monitors and trainer...

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Florida is an important place for neurofeedback. It is the home of the Florida Biofeedback Society which is based in Boynton Beach, Florida. ...

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Where is biofeedback training available in New York? That depends on what part of New York you are talking about and what kind of biofeedback training you are ...

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