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These online courses for hair styling will teach you 3 of the techniques who worked for me when a new client was in their chair....

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First congratulations on continuing to upgrade your technical skills set...

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Knowing the Best Professionals My daughter, who is 18, loves her dearly, sometimes forgets that the one of the qualifications of a true professional...

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The ability to start and stop leave and return to watching lets you the student learn at your own pace. This is just some of what you will take away as a member...

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We are entrepreneur’s, certified business life coaches and mentors teaching the techniques and strategies learned over years of career experience....

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As I was taking an online course to get my Certification to be an accredited Business Life Coach, not so much to be a life coach....

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I’ve been a hair stylist for 43 years and never would I have believed the entire Cosmetology industry could be forced to close its doors for business....

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Now, I’m saying the Path to Success that I followed had many bumps and turns peaks and valleys. ...

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