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Ingenious Drones deliver the highest quality Sports And Athletic Drone Photography And Video Services....

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Ingenious Drones deliver the highest quality Events And Venues Drone Photography And Video Services Texas....

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Ingenious Drones deliver the highest digital quality of aerial data: to provide our clients / customers footage for various solutions....

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More affordable than aerial images from full-sized aircraft. Safer/more efficient than using ground personnel for surveys/inspections/reports....

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Drones use downward-facing sensors like RGB, multispectral, thermal, or LIDAR, and they can quickly gather a lot of aerial data. ...

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Drone photos, videos, and imagery are used to, track building progress and provide real-time updates on construction....

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One specific industry seeing a rapid uptick in the use of drone technology is the real estate appraisal industry....

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Real estate drone photography makes use of drones to capture images of properties from an aerial view. As a result of this, the real estate industry has become ...

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