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I’ve always taken pride in letting future clients easily learn about me as a Stylist, Salon owner or any other business adventure I may get involved in....

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The Speaker/Host was introducing the Course Educator to all that were in attendance and as usual, the taking of notes was just not my style of learning....

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First congratulations on continuing to upgrade your technical skills set....

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Now this project of building an online business coaching course has taken on a life of its own. It’s taking more of my time than learning to speak French....

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As Stylists we can’t just cut, color and build our way to the Perfect No Care Hair. For the most part, that dog doesn’t hunt. ...

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Here you can see Buddy Sharp Hair Academy latest blog information...

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Business Mentoring and Coaching is present in every Course on the Buddy Sharp Hair Academy Platform. Start Learning Now!...

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Learning Business and Marketing for stylist is as easy as going to the Buddy Sharp Hair Academy website and start learning....

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