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Incorporated in March 2018, MEIPL is known for its quality services and innovative solutions. ...

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A great choice to customers as MEIPL believes in Innovation & Co-creation....

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DOM is welded tubes with all flash removed before cold drawing process. It is cost-efficient & have smooth surface that makes it the best in the industry....

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Steel tubes contribute in many industries like automobile, mining, engineering due to its properties like high tensile strength, corrosion resistance etc....

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The basic components of hydraulic cylinder consist of a tubes, piston, ram, two end caps and suitable oil seals. It is used in many day-to-day applications....

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Steel Industry is the backbone of revenue generation for the country. We are surrounded by steel everywhere; approximately 80% products are made of steel....

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Cold Drawn Process is widely used in steel industry. Cold Drawn Steel Bars are used in automotive, power, aerospace, fluid engineering and water treatment....

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Cold Drawn Tubes using high-grade steel that seeks application in products like Bobbin, Hydraulic cylinder, High-pressure applications...

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