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Fison muffle furnace provides a working range of 300°C-800°C, with a maximum of 850°C. Buy Now!...

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Fison muffle furnaces provide excellent thermal insulation and heat loss minimization, reaching up to 1200°C with 7L capacity. ...

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Fison muffle furnaces are ideal for high-temperature lab applications, offering a 12 l capacity and up to 1200°C range. ...

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Fison muffle furnace is a tabletop unit with a ceramic heating chamber. It features PID-controlled temperature regulation, sensor alarm functions, and optional ...

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Fison halogen moisture includes an automatic sensor-opening door, halogen lamp heating, and a 7” touch-panel LCD. Buy Now...

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Fison Halogen Moisture is a benchtop design with a 1 mg to 110 g capacity and a 5-inch touch-screen LCD. ...

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The Fison Grain Moisture Meter measures moisture content in grains with high accuracy. It features a 90 ml sample capacity, measures 3-80% moisture, and average...

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Fison Semi-Automatic Microtome combines semi-automated and manual functionality....

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