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Fixed Deposits (FDs) are common investment instruments in India. But how many of us know how to calculate the interest we are likely to receive from it? ...

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Fixed deposits are considered one of the safest and most stable investment options....

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There are many different tax-saving fixed deposit accounts available to suit your personal financial goals and preferences, each with its own pros and cons....

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Fixed deposit is an investment option that is balanced with both: Returns and Risks. Although investment is the most preferred option; ...

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Savings alone are not enough to grow your wealth. You can turn your savings into a substantial net worth only when you invest in options according to your risk ...

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Retirement generally means the end of a steady income flow. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a secure retirement plan rather than being dependent on others af...

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When you invest your money in financial vehicles such as fixed deposits, it is financially sound to calculate the return you will generate during the tenure of ...

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If we talk about secure investments in India, FD, and PPF are the most popular choices. But often, it is difficult to decide which of the two is a better option...

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