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These colonial fans are modern, trendy, aesthetically pleasing, and true status symbols without sacrificing the essential function of circulating air. They have...

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With the introduction of new product variants, The Fan Studio, an Indian manufacturer of handcrafted, custom-designed ceiling fans, is making strides in the mar...

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We have a large selection for it as well, taking into account that it is one of the innovations at the Fan Studio, where we have a collection of the best ceilin...

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Can you imagine living in India without a modern ceiling fan? Even if you have the best air conditioners in your home to keep......

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Ceiling fans are an amazing addition to any space, be it office, dining room, balcony, drawing room, etc., because of the convenience and elegance they can prov...

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Emperor Ceiling Fan by The Fan Studio.... For more information. Visit our website...

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This is a fan that sets high design and luxury benchmarks with its sheer opulence inspired by an exquisite chandelier form.....

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A fan crafted with a simple and elegant design approach. The colonial feel is prominent with the old vented look for the hub and the 4 solid blades held by leaf...



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