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The Fan Studio is a very popular and reliable name for those who want to buy some of the best designer ceiling fans in India. We offering custom fans based on s...

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Ceiling fans in this category are distinguished by their simple design and silhouettes in neutral colours. This fan has a sleek, streamlined design and a highly...

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A fan that brings back the elegance and convenience of the past. An interesting tall wooden pedestal, designed with sleek looks yet robust ......

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Simplicity is what defines this range. A clean and sharp design brings out that highly functional look that speaks performance. ...

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Owo Ceiling Fan is the best fan in the modern ceiling fan category. It's the most unique ceiling fan. Buy modern ceiling fans at the best price in India. ...

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The Fan Studio's modern collection has various fans but one of them is the Jade Parth Gold ceiling fan. The modern ceiling fan category is the top category for ...

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A fan crafted after its name to depict the magnificence of the Sun. A six blade design with extra- long blades represent sun rays spiraling out from the center ...

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The Fan Studio has the best classical fans collection in India that adds comfort to a room, and they come in so many styles that you're sure to find one to matc...



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